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Magazine Design and Layout Tips

As most layout editors and designers are quick to tell you, striking an harmonious balance between text and graphics is no simple task. An ill-placed sidebar or text box can disrupt the flow of a page or even an entire article. So where should design items appear on a page? What should designers avoid when placing text boxes, graphs, and sidebars?
Design consultant John Johanek tells us to "avoid creating visual hurdles for the reader". In other words, don't insert design items in places that will break the reader's concentration. Often, it is instinctive to place these items, particularly graphs, in the center of a page, surrounded by white space. Not a good idea, says Johanek. A better course of action would be to keep graphics and sidebars in the margins, or embedded in the text in such a way that the text envelops it. Too much white space creates a "visual hurdle" that may distract the reader.
Johanek also warns designers not to place design items at the end of a given article, manuscript, or spread. Such placement can reduce valuable sidebar and graphical content to mere "filler" status in the reader's mind. It is important, Johanek tells us, to place content within the story, preferably as close to the pertinent text as possible.
Also, add some graphical relief to your sidebars with charts, photos, etc. Sidebars that are simply large blocks of text can be visually intimidating to readers. However, take care not to overwhelm them with oversized images, either.
The most important thing to remember is that your text is the main event; all graphics should be supplementary in nature. While you want your design items to "pop", you do not want to do this at the expense of your story. Experiment with style, photos, color, etc., but do so in such a manner that will stimulate, not distract, your readers.