Top 5 Inspiring Web Design Portfolios

Being a web designer, you've all probably seen those outstanding portfolios designed by your competitors and always look back at them for inspiration. I've got a few that really inspire my work because the designs are modern, popular and have a great user experience. There's so many amazing portfolios, but I've decided to pick out 5 of my favourite ones that I always look up to in no particular order:
Ben Sky
A very inspirational portfolio by Ben Sky, a freelance web designer based in Leeds, Yorkshire. He designs websites to a very high standard in terms of graphics, functionality, optimisation and accessibility. All his work is compliant with the WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). It is indeed a long checklist to go through but it's not as complicated as it looks. There is software out there that can assist with website accessibility testing as it is a big area in the design field.
He has built his own CMS for his clients known as Skypanel, you will not find a single flaw in work; building websites to high standards such as this does has it benefits.