Using Flash Animation As a Webpage Component

Flash animation is becoming extremely common on-line. The majority of animated banner ads, interactive presentations, and even games are based on Flash design, incorporating motion, audio, and interactivity that can't be accomplished otherwise. Incorporating Flash animation into a site is an extremely good idea from a promotional point of view - as long as you do it correctly.
Most of us have encountered Flash animation on the Internet in the past, from advertisements to embedded video, and we've seen how effective it can be when done right and how irritating it can be when done wrong. Good Flash design is extremely important for any page, which is why no one should try doing it without the correct training. Amateur sites can be garish, unpleasant to look at, or even just plain buggy.
This is why it's important for companies to look for a qualified person trained in Flash animation, and for people working in Flash design to stay on top of the current best practices. When used right, Flash has the ability to enhance your audience's viewing experience, to get attention fast, and create a rich, feature filled presentation that will help transmit a marketing message really effectively. It offers a wide variety of design options, too.
Flash animation lets you explain a much larger variety of concepts than conventional web design, since sound and video give you more options. Tutorials, instructional films and training courses are all easily created with good Flash design, as are entertainment videos, interactive features and more. Competent use of Flash will give a site a professional, state of the art look and feel.
Designers and artists can benefit from using Flash animation on their portfolio sites, presenting work samples interactively. Windows are re-sized so that they fit graphics. Photographers, interior design companies, architects, cake decorators, and just about anyone who needs to keep a visual portfolio of work should include this kind of element in their website.
Currently, about ninety-five percent of Internet users have a Flash plug-in of some kind on their browsers, leaving a small, but present, number of people who will not or cannot use it. This means that it's important to have an alternative way to get your message across, even if it's less effective than Flash animation. Users who have very slow connections or outdated hardware may also have trouble dealing with Flash design, even if they have the technical ability to use it.
You should also remember that Flash animation is complex, and that designing a site in Flash will take longer and require more planning than making a standard site. This means leaving plenty of time before the date of site launch to make certain that everything works correctly - without bugs or other problems. It also means that companies must understand that they'll pay more for Flash design than they will for a standard site.
When used with care, Flash animation is an excellent choice for many websites. The amount and scope of Flash design used in the site will depend on the intended audience and the message to be conveyed, but Flash animation remains one of the best ways to get some messages across. You should take the time to learn what it can do and consider it for your projects.